How To Wash More Sustainably




Here at Hide The Label, we believe in looking after our clothes and our planet to make them both last as long as possible. We’ve got our top five tips for washing sustainably to help your beautiful purchases last longer whilst doing your bit for the environment.


1. Wash Less




Sounds obvious doesn’t it? We are not suggesting this applies to socks and underwear but only washing the clothes that are noticeably dirty or smelly is a great way to cut down on the amount and frequency of laundry that needs to get done and your beautiful garments won't wear as quickly.


2. Wash By Hand.



Washing by hand lets you control the amount of water you use and not only that, where it goes when you are finished. Why not use it to water the trees and plants. Start by washing the least dirty clothes first so that you get the most out of your washing water.


3. Use cold water.



Did you know that 90% of a washing machines power usage comes from heating the water? that leaves only 10% to power the motor and actually wash the clothes. Using the cold wash function will save you money, it’s better for the environment and it means your clothes are less likely to fade or bleed colours into each other.


4. Use Biodegradable laundry liquid.



Another simple switch is going from conventional to natural laundry detergent. Look for one that is made from natural ingredients and is biodegradable. They still wash really well but they don’t harm our ocean once they are washed out to sea. This is probably the only tip that might cost a little more, but if you are doing all the other things then the savings from those will far outweigh the cost of
eco-friendly laundry detergent.

5. Use a Line.



This is going to be much easier in Summer than in Winter but the sun and wind are very effective at drying clothes throughout the year and when drying clothes outside isn’t an option, use a clothes racks to dry them inside. Ditching the dryer will mean more money in your pocket and using less energy is always good for the environment. Secondly, the dryer can be really harsh on clothes. The heat increases shrinkage, fades colours faster and can affect the quality of the fabrics.