Who Are we?

Hide The Label was born in London when siblings Shereen and Ryan Barrett realized that there needed to be a shift in thinking about the way that we design, the materials we select, and their impact on the environment. That's why Hide The Label exists, to create concious clothing so you can still have great style without damaging the planet.

Our Materials


We only use quality fabrics that are manufactured responsibly, recycled or deadstock materials. This includes FSC® (The Forest Stewardship Council) certified viscose, LENZING ECOVERO and GRS certified Recycled Polyester.

We’ve also thought about the recyclability of every garment at the end of its life, and so wherever possible we choose to use fabrics that are 100% one fibre over blends.

And for our eye-catching prints, as much as possible we use OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and Global Organic Textile Standard approved digital printers to digitally print our designs, saving water and energy and ensuring no harmful, chemical substances are used in our printing process.



Our packaging is plastic-free and made from 100% recycled paper products and compostable bio-based films. It’s the best we could find, but we want it to be better. The vegetable bag that we send your clothes in is 100% compostable. That basically means it will disintegrate and completely return to the Earth the same as organic waste, leaving no toxic chemicals behind. It’s home compostable so you can toss it into the Veg peel bin or compost it yourself.