In order to understand the impact we have on the environment and the industry we work in - we need to know exactly who makes our clothes. We value our suppliers and want to be transparent about who we work with and why we work with them. 

We aim to work with like minded people within our supply chain and build strong lasting relationships so we can continue producing the best quality product and protecting the values that we hold as a brand. 


We work with Lever Style Ltd in Hangzhou, China. The factory is part of a family- run business that started in 1956. We choose to work with them as they have strong ethical practices. They are a founding member of the Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium, a group of apparel and textile companies committed to promoting sustainability. They are also a signatory to the United nations framework convention on climate changes's fashion for Global Climate Action and were the first apparel manufacturer globally to partner with WWF as a pilot member of their low carbon footprint initiatives with a silver award.


Lever Style care about their products and how they are made. They became one of the first apparel manufacturers in China to become certified SA8000, They strictly adhere to both local and international rights norms. They contribute to the NGO ' Not for sale' that works to protect people and communities around the world. They are also a member of the HER Project, the women's health and wellbeing programme.

They source sustainable and circular materials including organic cotton, BCI cotton, recycled fabrics, degradable plastics and polybags. They use mills with sustainability certifications such as GOTS, GRS, Blue Sign, OEKO-TEX®, BCI, ZDHC. The production facilities meet international certification standards such as ISO14001 which focuses on energy-saving, water-saving, waste water treatment, and chemical management. They ensure all the chemicals used in washing have qualified testing reports.